You don’t know how to start?

I think it is such a common feature of the human being. It is difficult for us to start, we move slowly until we find what really pleases us or until we find our “calling”. But is there really that thing called “purpose of life”?

It is not easy to find what you really enjoy doing, what fully accomplishes you or what you would be pleased with throughout your life. Maybe it’s hard for people like me. Or like you. Maybe we are part of a favored group of fate and we are in a permanent self-reflection that takes us and turns us over and over again. Perhaps this is the purpose of existence, that of constantly transforming us into another form, with other tastes, other activities, other manifestations.

As a child I liked to explore everything around me, material or immaterial, to plunge into the abyss of my being and my nature, to immerse myself in my imagination so that later I could climb the highest heights of the unknown to be able to look above, from my memory, to the most beautiful views. I was always in love with the trips, maybe there were numerous trips with the classroom that I did not miss for anything, and I also asked the poor parents to pay for all my birthdays. Anyway, I preferred to give up any clothing item or other necessities for the priceless memories I was going to have.

I would have to travel far beyond the Iron Gates I, or other magical mioritic places, as fascinating and impressive as I saw them in my childhood. Maybe we are born with certain instincts, maybe we train them in time … what do you think? I think once you get to tast them, the explorations of any kind, it is hard to stop …

Me in NY city, a while ago. About dreads and the happiest day in the upcoming posts! 💓

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