Miami Vibes

I miss it. I always miss it, but somehow I’ve resigned myself to the thought that “I must” miss it. I don’t think I could ever forget the enchanting sunsets, the warm and welcoming atmosphere, the smiles of the people on the streets, so cheerful.

I am not sure if I will be able to forget the palm trees that waved smoothly in the ocean breeze, without stress and worry; or the sand so fine from the bottom of the ocean, as I’ve sunk my feet deep into the clear, clear, so enchanting water, or the waves breaking at the shore, as small and big thoughts, soothing and therapeutic.

What could be more reassuring than the sunset by painting the reddened fields on the shore of the white sand, struck with wild passion by the foamy waters?

I miss my skin always tanned, the charm of the night that seemed awake even if it had arrived, and did not seem to fall asleep … We did not let her sleep, we kept her awake, under the moonlight and on the music rhythm, somehow trying to catch the morning hours before we got left with no memories …

Days passed fast, slow, just like a vacation. Even in the saddest moments, after a rough swim, at dusk, when the sky is silver and the water is liquid mercury, the problems don’t seem so big either. Neither you nor them. There, in the infinite ocean, you are small, small, a strand of sand in the huge universe.

I loved staying on the beach at night, watching the last trace of the day as it flows into the depths of the earth, going to somewhere else, to more distant places. Feeling the warm wind, as soon as I was going out of the water, late … after the moon was in the sky and I was no longer seeing my own shadow. My wet hair was laying on my back, as it split autonomously into thin strands, gently waving in small curls.

I was breathing deep in my lungs, deep in the salty air, wanting to keep it inside of me, forever all of the oxygen I could hold, to charge myself with that wonderful and beneficial energy. I was feeling alive, new, my mind was free of any heavy thoughts. It was just us three there, me, the ocean, and the amazing Universe.

P.S: Miami is not a place, it’s a feeling! 💓

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