Road trip to Key West

I was with Mona,my friend on our second floor terrace in Miami. It was during dusk, the most beautiful hour of the day; the sun was slowly descending towards the city line. The weekend was slowly approaching us, and I was like, why not, let’s just do a little crazy thing, let’s go to Key West, a few hours away from Miami. We quickly decided on the details and took Victor with us, her colleague from work.

We left in the morning, went to his place first; he came out dressed so ready for our destination: flowered pants and t-shirt very alike. On our way there we also passed Key Largo and Islamorada, but we would have lost too much time if we had passed by there too … we only had 2 days available; the road was simply endless, only blue on one side and the other. Watching the infinite blue that was surrounding us I was thinking how difficult must’ve been to build such a long road in the middle of the deep ocean?

I’ve pretty much liked the city, food all the way through (delicious), a lot of tourists, all standing in line and crowding to take a picture with the monument marking the southern point of the state of Florida (in other words, a stone with an anchor attached to it). It is very populated, quite crowded for an island town, with many bicycles and motorcycles, a few cars, which is super okay, in terms of sustainability. Many shops, department stores and kiosks with souvenirs and shopping, art galleries, which I thought was very good. I even went to such a place where a girl was sitting at the gallery window, painting in real-time; I’ve found that pretty amazing.

The beaches were pretty smelly, a little neglected, maybe it was the time of year when many seaweed gathered as shores (I went in March), just like on the beaches of Miami, but much more taken care of. However, we went to one of them and tried to swim a little, we did not succeed – at least we got some tan and dived in a little bit.

In the evening we went to a typical American restaurant (very ingenious, I know), then we walked the streets full of people, everywhere was noise, music or whistles. I’ve also visited the old city center, a small square, rudimentary stone, with a ship that served as a monument right in the center; on the high bank, lights were flashing joyful from the other side of the city.

With very little sleep, we left for Miami the next morning, while it was still dark; our car was the only one across the bridge at that time of the morning, around there was no light, just the ones in the car; we were in the middle of the huge ocean. It was very quiet, although it was quite populated, the lonely island was peaceful on the small side streets. From the car, we could see the sun rising in pink and red colors.

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