A thousand sunsets

One of the most beautiful moments of the day for me is the sunset. I don’t think I can feel calmer than in those lovely moments when the sun is slowly descending on the horizon, melting into thousands of colors and shades; everything around gets the natural peace of the nightfall, the air becomes a little cooler than during the day, announcing the night.

When I was a kid I used to love watching the sunset whenever I had the opportunity. I used to go out on my own, on my bicycle, to wander around the places so well known, the places where there was no one- everyone was already home, each one taking care of their personal stuff.

I used to go where the sun met the earth, where it began to hide towards other infinities; I used to stop, get off the bike, sit on the grass still warm , inhaling all that nice spring air that was dangling the bushes; used to close my eyes and let the golden light warm my face. I was smiling, it was peace.

I have the same feeling now as the one I used to have when I was a kid ; it kind of transports me in those moments, in those times, although each sunset looks differently and feels different; they are all of unreal beauty indeed.

These past days I was sitting on the lake and I was being amazed by the splendor that I had in front of me and wondering if us humans are aware of how lucky we are? Are we aware of how much beauty surrounds us and how happy we should be ?

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