Luck or destiny?

I have often wondered if people get lucky or if everything happens unplanned. Are we subjected to a merciless and unchanging fate or can men change their destiny?

It is perhaps a question way too big for our relatively short life. It is a question that sticks with us at every turn, t every important or less important decision; what is in fact the string of our happenings in our everyday life? Are they already predetermined before we are born, or are they simply coincidences?

Many people believe in luck. In something that already exists, an invisible benevolent force that helps us in difficult situations, that saves us from the brink of the gulf, which favors us in the face of the dangers of life. Other people believe that we can create our luck, us, the makers of our own destinies, us who have our lives in our own hands. Or perhaps we are all nothing but mere circumstances in the hands of destiny.

What can be true from everything we have heard in the long stories about the history of mankind, about our history, about where we came from, about where we are going, and about everything we will encounter throughout our existence? Does anyone have the answer to all questions? Unlikely, if you ask me.

The only thing that we can do is to live our own experiences, to live our lives through our own filters, and then to create our own perceptions, to conclude. What else does it matter, after all? Good luck or blessing, fate or coincidence? Whether we have arrived here through the circumstances of destiny or simply by chance, we have only to take advantage of everything that sits in front of our eyes, we have only to live beautifully, in search of our own destiny.

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