The Happiest Day

It wasn’t just one. Surely we have all felt at least once those moments of ecstasy and magic, which lifted us from the ground with incredible ease and made us feel our heads in the clouds. Certainly, each one of us has tried at least once to describe that feeling of well-being, of wellness, of peace; in various forms, that moment of blessing has appeared at least a few times in our lives.

We have all tried to relive it, to feel it again, to run after it and try to catch it again and again; it becomes an obsessive search; for most of us, it turns into the purpose of our life, into the most precious achievement, into something illusory most of the time, untraceable, a reason for despair in many situations. It is like a drug of feelings, most likely, that after you have felt it for the first time, you will never be the same again, you will always be looking for it, constantly and tirelessly, regardless of circumstances and reasons.

It is hard to find, precisely because it is not a thing, an object; it is not something that is found only once; there is no place where you can find it, a country that owns it, it is not a season in which it will be born or a person who can give it to you. It is not a sum of money that can guarantee that to you, or a certain number of expensive cars; a luxury hotel chain will not promise you happiness, nor that popular job that everyone is talking about. No. Happiness is something that can be created.

Is the money not necessary? It would be hypocritical to say it isn’t. But that is not everything. Comfort is important, yes, it helps a lot with a lot of problems and needs that we have, or in other amenities, but it is wrong to look for it there. It’s made up of small or bigger moments, that meant something to you, or that … didn’t mean anything, just peace of mind. A birds song when you open the window at 6 in the morning, when the night is quietly arguing with the morning, or a phone call from someone you haven’t heard in a long time, a handshake, your mother’s warm advice, a discussion with your best friend or a walk in the park, a sunrise on the waterfront, or swimming at dawn; there are many other moments in which we can find it that do not even fit in here.

It is made of millions of moments throughout our lives, it is something that makes us calm, something that does not even exist physically, it is not palpable. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to “find” for many. Many of us look for it in objects when it should be searched in seconds. We tend to believe that we can find it on the outside when it actually comes from the inside, and if you are not happy with yourself, no one and nothing can make you happy.

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