Less Is More

A few days ago I got dressed and went out for the first time in the last two months with a lighter heart; I was delighted as a little child receiving something for the first time. I wanted to see how freedom feels again, how it feels to be normal again, another kind of normality, at least for a while.

The city seemed as if it was starting to recover, to come back to life again, people were beginning to go back to their activity; it was starting to look like what it was before, as I knew it, as I had imagined it would be all this time. The streets were full of people connecting, kids playing, teenagers holding hands.

It was a strange feeling, as if we had returned from a long journey, wanting to return to the previous life as soon as possible; there was joy in the air and enthusiasm for the future; maybe some hope, or maybe I’m wrong, maybe I was the only one who was feelin these things. The deprivation of liberty, for the good of all of us though, is not very pleasant; maybe now we can have a better understanding of the animals kept in chains, or locked up with high walls, for years, for the amusement of us, humans. Maybe now we can better understand that we are just passengers in time and space, we are not their masters.

I was sitting and thinking after that, drinking a coffee on my balcony of how precious are the moments we tend to put the least price on, the moments that seem so simple, but without them, we feel strange, empty. How little we sometimes consider the moments when we are so close to the essence of our nature, to our most ancient instincts.

Sometimes the things that seem less important are what we miss the most; sometimes a walk in the park can bring us more joy than any luxurious restaurant; sometimes a warm conversation can teach you more than a textbook, sometimes a fresh breath, the perfume of a flower or reading a book, sipping a cold lemonade in the afternoon could be exactly what you are missing.

The times are hard, but life is simple; sometimes we complicate it, because we are complex and contradictory beings. We always run after what we don’t have, forgetting or neglecting what we have; we want to reach the moon when we are already touching the stars. It would be good to remember from time to time the simplicity, the beauty of the small things, of the moments that cannot be described in words.

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