A June Morning

I love mornings so much. I go out on the balcony with a hot coffee and a large bowl of fruit cereal. It’s cool and it smells like new. A new day, new expectations, new hopes, new opportunities.
It looks like the city is loading up with life. You can hear a few cars, the society’s engines are put back into operation. The neighbor from the third floor is smoking again … which is probably the smell of morning to him as well.

You can hear a lot of birds … they sing, they play in the air. They are probably enjoying the fresh air too, and it rained last night … It’s okay. We like the rain too. You can’t just have sun and hot weather all the time. We are happy that is summertime and everything is green and new.

Maybe us humans are seasons too. Maybe we also grow inwardly with every little thing coming of summer, of the new. Maybe we go through time just like the other things around us, with their dryness and greenery, with our summers and winters.

Us humans have seasons and storms all well, sunny days and darker days when we believe the earth will end, along with our whole world. Sometimes when we think it’s all over, then there is hope out of nowhere, then a drop of rain comes out of a dry stone.

I strongly believe that we are sensory beings more than rational beings, that we feel more than we think, that we are influenced by the environment where we are and by the things that surround us to a great extent.

I had long ago set the goal of catching myself in a different part of the world every year on my birthday. And I still want to keep my word, but this time I got caught here, in my country, with dear people around me and the person I love, nothing fancy, and it was more than enough. It was good, it was beautiful because I didn’t need anything else.

As much as we want to be philosophers, we are prisoners of the senses before thoughts, and that’s okay. Thoughts certainly influence the way we look at the things around us and the places we are in, because happiness comes from within, it starts from the way of thinking. You can be satisfied with nothing, or you can be unhappy having absolutely everything.

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