Hollywood Times

I really wanted to go to Hollywood. It was like one of the first places on my to-do list of places that I wanted to visit during my lifetime, just like now I want to go to other parts of the planet. But Hollywood is the place you can’t miss when you go to the States, especially when you live there.

we were planning for some time the trip to Santa Monica for Christmas. Instead of snow, we got to see palm trees.Ahhh, everyone gets different things in life. We took a nice accommodation and started walking around the city. It was a little warmer than in San Francisco, a very nice enjoyable weather. Plus the beach which was fabulous, big and very wide.

Of course, the first targets were The Walk of Fame and The Hollywood Sign. I had wanted to go there for a long time, only I had never found time, and this time I decided to go anyway. I arrived in Hollywood around noon, we took hundreds of pictures (of course) on the Walk of Fame. I was stepping on dozens of red and gold stars, with very famous and important names of actors, singers, tv-show personalities, etc, just as I had seen in movies and series.

It seemed unreal, and yet true, as it had happened to me many times. The walk on the Walk of Fame takes quite a long time, considering how many stars there are, not just a few as I initially thought. I was feeling like from time to time someone with a camera would show up. But there were lots of them, each tourist had at least one.

I remember it gave me the feeling of New York, but chiller, a lot of people from different cultures, races and different countries, going in different directions, intersecting with each other and all being excited by the places, the strong energy that you could feel. The second stop was at the Hollywood Sign. We knew clearly that it was somewhere on a high hill, but we had to find it. We took a taxi, and to our surprise it left us somewhere very far from the tourist attraction, and we had to walk. In the end we managed to see it from a great distance.

However, I remember the feeling I had. It was something unique, the view from the top, looking towards the city with skyscrapers, surrounded by hills and mountains was incredible. I was thinking of all the people who would give anything to be where I was at the time, to see what my eyes were seeing, and yet I had the chance to be there. So many times we are given so many blessings and we have no idea at the moment… They come disguised in so many forms and shapes, in places, people, mountains, or seas…

It’s something special about the places you wait a long time to visit. … you create an image in your mind about how it could be that it’s just yours, and in general it happens to be better than what you imagined in the first place.

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