Training your mind into positive thinking

I have been wanting to start a Youtube channel for the longest…and I have finally found the right time to do so, unless there’s never the right time, right?:) I feel like if you keep waiting for the right time you will never actually find it and you will keep waiting. Sometimes is better to just start and figure it out along the way, than keep waiting for things to happen, it is not enough to just want, you have to go through the uncomfortable to get where you want to be. Nothing really worth having won’t be just handed out to you. We have to put in all the work.

I chose my first video’s topic “Positive Thinking”; I think it is one of the topics I have been always passionate about and interested in, because positive thinking really has the power to transform your life and to some extent, the people around you lives as well. After all, we are energy and the energy we possess is the energy that we are going to transmit to others, to anyone we come in contact with, and the same way, we receive energy from the people around us. It’s a circle we are all taking part in.

I really do believe that the brain is just like a computer that we can program the way we want to, we can insert any kind of behaviors and any kind of habits that we like, as long as we do it the right way, with consistency and perseverance. The habits that we choose to entertain and perpetuate will be the habits that will define us as human beings and as social people as well. We can’t expect to diminish or eliminate the negative parts of our personalities by repeating the same patterns. It doesn’t work that way, and so it is the same thing when it comes to positive thinking and having a positive mindset. You have to really want it.

It is very important to be aware of our own thoughts, because it is so easy for many us of to get buried under every day’s tasks and to get overwhelmed by the amount of information that we are receiving. The mind can easily get distracted and after a while we find ourselves having negative thoughts and being in a bad mood, just because we let our minds wander in places where maybe it shouldn’t have, because at the end of the day, the things we focus on most are the things that become important overall, and the brain will process them that way. If our focus is on the negative parts of our life, on all of the problems that we have, on everything that is not working as it should, that will become the most important spectrum of focus in our brain.

I try to keep the negativity away for as much as I can…I try to start my day on a positive note, thinking that I will have a good day, that good things will happen for me in that day; it doesn’t work all the time, because life is unpredictable and things get in the way, but at least I try to be on a positive note and most of the time it works! Most of the times joy and happiness lay in the small things, in the little details of your life, and you can find bits of things to brighten your day everywhere. The secret is to be mindful of them and allow them to happen.

Check my Youtube chanel for the rest of the topic, and please like and subscribe if you enjoy the video. 🙂

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