The Power Of An Idea

Isn’t it crazy how one idea, no matter how small or big has the immense power to change countless lives, starting with your own? A brilliant mind once said that if you have the power to touch one person, you can touch a million at the same time. I think that’s amazing, how one single thought about anything can really change the course of destiny of so many people, can change the course of humanity and history.

It takes a huge amount of courage to stick to your idea, to the thing you want to accomplish, and that only exists in your mind before becoming reality. I say it takes courage because so many people so often give up on their visions because they have no support from the people around them, from the people in their lives; people might believe they are crazy for having so strange desires that no one else before them ever had. How can they succeed, how can they materialize their visions if it was not even heard of them before, one might think. But the real question is how can they even believe if it only exists in your mind, only you can see it, and it has not become a reality yet?

Think of it this way. Think of all the people who had truly crazy ideas, such as building the first plane or inventing electricity, the electric motors or spaceships to reach space, etc. Think of all the judgments they must’ve gotten from everyone around them, of all the lack of approval and support. Some of them were incarcerated or even killed for daring to think the unthinkable! But still, they persisted. They had the perceptions, the creativity, the iron will by their side to continue with what they envisioned and they made it happen when no one else believe it could become reality.

Everything around us was someone’s idea. Every small object, every house decoration, every utility and necessity, all of our modern-day commodities, all the transportation, and every food recipe. All the medicine, before being in pharmacies and becoming a huge part of our society was just trial and error, experiments of genius people who wanted to know more about the human body and how to help other people cure certain diseases.

None of it existed before someone thought of making it material, of making them come to life. Think of the world without all of these great thinkers, big or small, not only philosophers. Think of how the world would look like without any invention, innovation, without the people who invented computers, cell phones, boats, pens, or even food delivery. It all started with an idea, maybe a crazy one for many, but that changed the course of our world.

Ideas are as powerful as the thoughts, everything starts and ends with them.

The human brain is truly a masterpiece, not only for its creativity and inspiration, but also for the determination and stubbornness that defines it. Our minds are an amalgam of ideas desires and creativity, we have a million paths to follow and a million ways in which we can live our lives.

A lot of people give in to someone else’s opinion about how their innovation can’t and won’t come to life. They all think they know better just because they haven’t done it before, or maybe haven’t been done by you. You don’t have to stay the same, you’re allowed to outgrow your circumstances and your own level of thinking, your own level of daringness.

Here’s the thing about perception, it belongs to each one of us, and it differs from person to person, because our minds have had different circumstances since the moment we were born; it’s perfectly normal to have different ways of seeing things. But if you truly believe in something, if that’s something that you truly desire, no matter how crazy might seem, don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. Go make it happen.

No one else can have your visions, but yourself. You’re the only one who knows what path to follow and which way you should go. Your life it’s in your hands only, and no one else’s. Make the best of it by your own rules.

2 thoughts on “The Power Of An Idea

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  1. G’day Ana, lovely post.
    You’re so right.
    Bought to mind a recent post on an idea, one that would change lives of most folk in the developed West, who use gypsum board to line their homes.
    At the time, the concept went no where, nor decades later.
    When I came across some stuff I’d stored, I reckoned it was time I summarised that idea for posterity.
    Though a little technical it was appreciated by those in the know, who knows it might one day see the light of day.
    For your pleasure :


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