Change is hard, but so rewarding

What is it about change that is so difficult for us humans to do, that scares us so much? We like comfort, it’s true… it’s part of our nature, we want to feel safe and protected… and making a huge change in our lives is exactly the opposite. It’s one of the hardest things to do, but at the same time our lives get sculptured and shaped by it.

Change can mean all the small things, as well as all the big one. It might mean changing careers, jobs, cities or moving to different countries, but at the same time it could mean adopting different habits or ways, like starting a gym membership to get the body that you always wanted (for health reasons not perfection seeking), or starting a new hobby that you always wanted to have, or involve in that acting class that you were thinking of, but just don’t feel like it’s the right time for.

 Change can be in every little detail of our lives, it’s all up to us decide what it means.

It is true that choosing different paths for our lives it could involve loss, such as losing the things that you are familiar with, or having to ditch different habits that you might be so comfortable with in order to get where you want to be, or to achieve the things you want to achieve.

 I think people are mostly scared of change because our brains were designed for wanting and perpetuating safety, and be aware of risks and dangers that so often come with change, especially the risky part. 

We might not find what we want along the way because, let’s be honest, life is complicated enough the way we know it, and even more when we choose to add up adjustments over time.

My personal experience with change was that so many times I’ve found it difficult , but so rewarding on the long run. 

It is so much easier to just stay where you are or perpetuate the same customs over and over again, and to remain in the usual cycle of your days, but let me tell you: that won’t bring you much excitement. 

If you have the chance and opportunity to have a change in your life, whether is starting a new sport, getting a swimming lesson, trying some skydiving or learning how to paint…by all means take it, if possible. It might bring you so much fulfilment that maybe you haven’t thought it would. 

Only by trying you can get the real experience and add some spice to your life, but only if you’re comfortable with and if you’re willing to step out of you routine and comfort. 

As I mentioned earlier, change comes with a price and it might be risky, but you might find out that it could bring you a lot of joy and happiness if you let yourself go a little bit out of the things you are used to. It’s never guaranteed that it will be 100% what you expected, but what if you’ll find your new passion, that you didn’t even know you have?

 What if you’ll find that you are capable of many more than you thought you would ever be? Our potential is enormous, both mental and physical, we just need to unlock it and put in the work for our own development. 

Nothing is ever 100% sure, but there is a possibility in every way you choose to go. If you never try you’ll never know. 

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