Writing as a therapy

I often think I’ve been blessed with the passion for writing. It has saved me so many times from dark places in my mind that I thought I couldn’t get out from. And it doesn’t even matter if you do it good, because “good” is so relative in writing. It’s just the act of it, the physical act of pouring out your soul onto the paper…or the page, in some cases lol.

It is so powerful and so relaxing at the same time, just taking a piece of paper and a pen saying what you want to say, talking about what you want to talk about, without judgement, without anyone telling you what you should or shouldn’t say. It’s like talking to your best friend, that knows you the best and that will give you the most amazing answers to your every problem, because while you are in the process of taking your worries or weights out of your system, when you are asking the questions that you need answers for, you will get them by the time you finish your “essay”. All the answers are already within yourself, and writing helps you get them out.

I’ve been pretty young when I started, I was not even knowing that I “started”, but after a while it started being a part of me; I would always have my notebook next to me on every stage of my life, reaching out to it every time I needed to get things off my chest, or talk about my last adventure, or express my excitement for certain events that happened recently. It was just like I needed to hear myself out loud, but silently speaking about what I’m living. And after a while, I could relive the things that were long gone, by returning to the journal and reading what I had previously wrote.

Sometimes is painful, to read and to remember where you used to be mentally, and to bring back bad memories, or maybe memories you don’t want to bring back. But life isn’t just happy moments, there is rain and sunshine, and duality in everything, we have to accept and acknowledge it.

Writing can also be used as a meditation, as a way of staying focused and present in the moment, away for some time from the difficulties that you might have in your life, or maybe from the things that cause you trouble; it’s a good way to empty your mind for a little bit and press pause for a moment, relieve soem of the pressure we put on ourselves each and every day.

It’s so wonderful to me how we can transform our thoughts from something material unreal to reality. We can manifest our desires and wishes by expressing them, by exploring the possibilities of their meaning; writing opens a whole new world that starts from within and get larger and larger the more we open it. It’s the world inside of us, so vast and magical. The beauty of it is that there are no rules in it, no wrong or good bad of writing. It gives you complete freedom, complete access to who you are and I don’t think you can get it elsewhere. It’s like you’re opening up to yourself.

I’ve talked more about writing on my latest Youtube post, how journaling have helped me during all times and what I’ve learned from it. Check it out ❤

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  1. Oh yeah, sometimes it’s so hard to make sense of the thoughts in our minds, but once we write things down, they turn real and we can see how to best deal with our thoughts. I love journalling. Thanks for sharing!

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