I chose to be carefree…

I was always a little bit intrigued about how we are always so concerned about how other people might see us, what they think about us, how we look in their eyes…and so on. You know the deal, you’ve thought about it too. All of it is a bit annoying to me, I must confess, because in reality all of that stress we put on ourselves to be everything everyone wants us to be is not necessary, because it doesn’t really matter.

Why do we want so much to be liked, to fit in, to be accepted, that we go to the lengths of not liking ourselves, or not living for ourselves (in most cases) to just please others around us? In my critical thinking I believe it might be because we are a part of a society, of a group and we are and have always been a social being. We want to belong to a community, we adopt the same behaviors as others around us, we dress, speak, act the same way! Once we start being “different” we start feeling like we are starting to get separated from our community. And there is where so many people get confused and feel like they are doing something wrong, and need to get “back on track” aka ignore their inner guts and instincts and just act and do things the way other people want them to.

It’s hard to follow your real desires and follow your own path, but at the same time what’s keeping us from not doing it? Why live a life where it’s not really yours, when you’re not being your true self, when you don’t speak the way you want, you don’t dress the way you want, you don’t wear that nail polish color that you want? What’s the point of living someone else’s life, pretending you are someone you’re not, for the sake of what other might say or think? And guess what, they might not even care what you do because they are busy living their own lives!

By no means I’m trying to make this post judgmental because I know there are people whose lives aren’t easy, who live in hard conditions or have really harsh realities. It might be harder or even impossible for them to just do whatever they want to do, and that’s completely understandable. Others might’ve been luckier than them and actually got a different reality which actually allows them to make changes to their actuality, and still might feel same as hard.

Whatever might feel good for you and for your soul…do that. It is the best thing we can do, try to have peace inside, to act according to our own desires and to the drums of our hearts.

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  1. I totally get that feeling of not chasing my own path for reasons of my own doing, or because I think others wouldn’t like it. I think it’s time to choose, no? Thanks for this wonderful post!

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