7 Habits That Will Improve Your Mood Right Away

As much as we want to be happy and to be in a good mood always, we all know things don’t happen to be this way all the time. Even when we are in the best mood possible, something happens and in the split of a second, we might shift thoughts and attitudes.

The next step is to recognize the change in our disposition and to not let ourselves get drained and fall into that swirl of negativity that sometimes we cannot control if we get too deep into. Everything starts and ends within the mind, and we should be the ones controlling it instead of letting it control us.
There are several ways of improving or changing your mood right away, but that only can be possible if we are open to change in the moment, only if we are willing to allow ourselves to feel better.

1.Go outside for a walk.
It is so important to keep your body moving regardless of the situation, but it is so much more useful if done when you are actually feeling in a bad mood because your blood flowing, you keep your brain oxygenated, and also breathing fresh air into your lungs can have a massive impact on your whole spirit. It sounds simple and it is simple, but it actually works.

2.Talk to a family member or friend.
Talk to anyone you care for or love. That way your problems will feel smaller and easier on your shoulders, and they can actually lift a little bit the weight because they know you so well and would know what to advise you, no matter the situation. Receiving advice won’t solve your problems a hundred percent, but surely it would make you feel better and who knows, maybe they might have an answer to your worries. Nonetheless, you will get some sort of relief

3.Practice something that you enjoy.
We all have some sort of hobbies that make us feel good when we do them. It might be drawing, painting, writing, reading. Anything that gives you that spark, that excitement, you do that. It will connect you to yourself when you feel a little bit disconnected from the world.

4.Take a break.
It’s always good to just have a little(or bigger) break when we feel overwhelmed. Pick up a book, go on the balcony, watch a tv series, or just don’t do anything at all. Breaks are so much needed because when stress or physical work takes a big part of our life, we are at risk of burning out, and we don’t want that to happen.

5.Focus on what can go right, instead of what can go wrong.
It might be a survival characteristic that our ancestors had and it probably remained during the evolutionary process. We tend to be more aware of our fears and worries than in the hope that it can go right too. It is keeping us in survival mode too, so we don’t forget what we’ve been through in order to not choose wrong the next time. But that’s not always helping. Sometimes we need to have our hopes high because guess what, worrying won’t help either.

6.Write down your thoughts.
Journaling has such a positive impact on our mood, it’s like talking to yourself but seeing the real words on the paper. It gives a sense of relief writing about what you feel and answering your own questions. It is a sort of introspection. It will make your whole mood change.

7.Take a hot bath.
It isn’t rocket science, but sometimes a hot shower or bath is all you need to change your disposition and just feel better. While being in the shower, the part of the brain responsible for relaxing and slowing the heart rate, called the vagus nerve gets stimulated, resulting in a relaxed sensation that we get after the shower.

There are a lot of other ways to make us feel better when we are having a bad day, and the ideal would be to do just whatever we need to do to lighten our mood. It isn’t worth your health and overall being to stay in the spiral of negative thoughts and worries.
It’s so much more worth it to find the reasons to smile because life is so much more beautiful when we see happiness in the details.

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