Happy New Goals!

I love new goals!

I mean, who doesn’t? It feels so refreshing to put another milestone in your mind, to put all of your intention on accomplishing it or at least a good amount of it.

I think most people set new purposes for themselves or areas of their lives at the beginning of a new year, and I don’t think that’s only a group’s custom that is done only because everyone else is doing it. As the year renews, so do our hopes and dreams, wishes, and short or long-term goals. Or at least, they should.

The Earth is entering a new phase of rebirth and change, so it is perfectly normal that we change also a few of our circumstances. Even if they are old purposes, it’s never wrong to give them a new meaning from a different perspective, tweak them a little bit to fit your current needs.

Everything that was must not always be.

Same thing for us. Change is always refreshing. It cleans up the reminisce of past mistakes or past experiences that we might want to leave them where they are.

But we might not always be in the mood for new goals.

Sometimes we couldn’t care less about a list of new objectives, because our state of mind isn’t aligned to that. Time will bring back new hope, new purposes when the moment feels right. Forcing it won’t make it better, or faster.

I like to believe that everything comes when it is the right time. The goals, the chances, the success, the expectations. Sometimes your heart breaks open just before the doors of the future and opportunity open up for you.

It’s good to create a new set of purposes, but it’s more important to stick to them and do the work to make them happen. Without it, they will remain only on paper, powerful words on a blank page.

Write them down with a real pencil on real paper and watch them get real.

The new year might bring completely unexpected things to your life that you wouldn’t think possible, new experiences, new situations, new joy. It’s amazing how powerful the unknown can be, how mysterious and magical at the same time. Stay open, stay hopeful.

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