It Doesn’t Take Much To Be Grateful

I believe we always have reasons to be grateful for.

It doesn’t matter how we wake up, where, or the circumstances we find ourselves in.
We can always make a mental list of what we have, with the things that mean more to us than any amount of money, because if you’ll start counting only the money that you possess, or the land that you own, you might find yourself lonely.

Sometimes I’m grateful for my thoughts that keep flowing tenaciously when I lay down, when I’m in the shower, when I look at the ocean, when I pick up the pen to write them on white paper.
Somehow I find the words to have healing powers, when they come from nowhere, and at the same time they are a construct of everything around us, everything that’s happening in the Universe.

They look like art when written on a blank surface
, a little bit like the first writings on the walls of our ancestors. They wanted to go beyond the spoken sounds, beyond the noise, and wanted to make it material, legible, palpable. They wanted to make them real, to make words real.

Like an art made of thoughts.

Isn’t it amazing that we have created such a simple but powerful way of expressing ourselves, almost as powerful as music, or dance, but more explicit? More profound.
I feel thankful for every little thing that my body is able to do, like reading, exercising, or food tasting, or walking.

All these little things we oversee so many times are infinitely more important than anything else, than stressing over a career, or building an empire, or feeling less than because you aren’t as rich as some people on the internet.
We belittle so many times the very essence of life, its purpose of being alive and enjoying it without too much to think about.

In a sense, I think that as society is heading towards even more development we will start to lose even more of our basic purpose as another living species on this planet.
I like to be in love with every sunrise and sunset that I lay my eyes upon, and if you’re one of the ones who do it too, you’re lucky and you’re happier than you know.

Enjoy the next cup of coffee, or the next meal you’ll have in front of you, or the next song you’ll listen to. Really we take ourselves too seriously sometimes.

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