It Doesn’t Take Much To Be Grateful

I believe we always have reasons to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter how we wake up, where, or the circumstances we find ourselves in.We can always make a mental list of what we have, with the things that mean more to us than any amount of money, because if you’ll start counting only the… Continue Reading →

Happy New Goals!

I love new goals! I mean, who doesn’t? It feels so refreshing to put another milestone in your mind, to put all of your intention on accomplishing it or at least a good amount of it. I think most people set new purposes for themselves or areas of their lives at the beginning of a… Continue Reading →

Earth’s Revolutions Make People Change Too.

Life is a huge theater of roles. People see you on the street, judge you by the way you are dressed, they imagine the life you are probably living, but they don’t know anything about you, about the reality you are in, more than you want them to know. We are all in a role-playing… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Things To Visit In Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park of Canada is a wonder of nature, the type of place that has it all: high mountain peaks, lush green scenery, glacier waterfalls, huge crystal clear lakes, turquoise rivers running down hundreds of miles, subalpine forest…you name it. You can call it the wilderness paradise. It is located in the Canadian Rockies,… Continue Reading →

What Do Memories Taste Like?

They were just as I remembered them. Sweet, succulent, with a touch of memories. Those unforgettable childhood memories. My grandma’s delicious prunes. It is sad how we tend to overlook what we are given, what we are living just because we get so used to it and don’t see the true value of them. We… Continue Reading →

Garibaldi Panorama Ridge- a hike to remember.

Panorama Ridge is located in British Columbia, about one hour drive from Vancouver, between Squamish and Whistler. It is one of the most significant and astonishing hikes in Garibaldi Provincial Park, providing amazing views of numerous lakes, peaks, blooming meadows and ancient forest vegetation. It’s needles to say that the views on the drive to… Continue Reading →

I chose to be carefree…

I was always a little bit intrigued about how we are always so concerned about how other people might see us, what they think about us, how we look in their eyes…and so on. You know the deal, you’ve thought about it too. All of it is a bit annoying to me, I must confess,… Continue Reading →


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