What Do Memories Taste Like?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash They were just as I remembered them. Sweet, succulent, with a touch of memories. Those unforgettable childhood memories. My grandma's delicious prunes. It is sad how we tend to overlook what we are given, what we are living just because we get so used to it and don’t see the true... Continue Reading →

Garibaldi Panorama Ridge- a hike to remember.

Panorama Ridge is located in British Columbia, about one hour drive from Vancouver, between Squamish and Whistler. It is one of the most significant and astonishing hikes in Garibaldi Provincial Park, providing amazing views of numerous lakes, peaks, blooming meadows and ancient forest vegetation. It's needles to say that the views on the drive to... Continue Reading →

27 years around the Sun

It certainly turned out different than what I expected when I was younger, but hey, I’m not complaining. After all, life is unpredictable and you never know how it will flow. I never actually imagined it, how it will be. I always knew the Universe doesn’t care about our plans, us humans, small, tiny things.... Continue Reading →

Writing as a therapy

I often think I've been blessed with the passion for writing. It has saved me so many times from dark places in my mind that I thought I couldn't get out from. And it doesn't even matter if you do it good, because "good" is so relative in writing. It's just the act of it,... Continue Reading →

Change is hard, but so rewarding

What is it about change that is so difficult for us humans to do, that scares us so much? We like comfort, it’s true… it’s part of our nature, we want to feel safe and protected… and making a huge change in our lives is exactly the opposite. It’s one of the hardest things to... Continue Reading →

The power of an idea

Isn't it crazy how one idea, no matter how small or big has the immense power to change countless lives, starting with your own? A brilliant mind once said that if you have the power to touch one person, you can touch a million at the same time. I think that's amazing, how one single... Continue Reading →

Training your mind into positive thinking

I have been wanting to start a Youtube channel for the longest...and I have finally found the right time to do so, unless there's never the right time, right?:) I feel like if you keep waiting for the right time you will never actually find it and you will keep waiting. Sometimes is better to... Continue Reading →

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