Spotlight on the Iconic Celica GT4 ST205: A Detailed Look


Ever since its inception, the Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 has remained an iconic model in the world of motor sports, boasting a lineage of accolades in World Rally Championships. This car is beyond just a vehicle; it is a statement of performance and engineering prowess.

Historical Background

The Birth of a Legend

The legacy of the Celica GT4 ST205 dates back to 1994 when it was introduced as a high-performance model of the sixth-generation Celica. The vehicle was designed with a special focus on rallying, embodying the sheer power and functionality required for the relentless demands of this off-road, high-speed motorsport.

An Era of Dominance

The Celica GT4 ST205 comes from a proud lineage of cars that dominated the world of rally racing during the late 80s and early 90s. Its predecessors, the Celica GT4 ST165 and ST185, laid the groundwork for the ST205 model, both consolidating Celica’s place in rally history with various World Rally Championship wins.

Performance and Specifications

The Powerhouse Engine

At the heart of the Celica GT4 ST205 lies a 2.0 Liter 3S-GTE turbocharged engine that generated jaw-dropping power output. This power is paired with a finely tuned exhaust system, an intercooled turbocharger, and a unique water spray system for cooling.

Transmission and Drivability

The Celica’s distinct sporty appeal is further elevated with its 5-speed manual transmission. Its robust drivetrain, inclusive of the legendary Toyota "Super Strut" system, helps in leading the Celica GT4 through the tightest corners with effortless agility.

Design and Interior

The Aerodynamic Genius

The Celica GT4 ST205 showcases the pinnacle of Toyota’s aerodynamics knowledge. The sleek exterior cuts through the wind with high precision, while the large rear wing contributes to stability at higher speeds.

Comfort and Control

For a performance car, the Celica GT4 ST205 does not compromise on comfort. Its user-friendly cabin features sporty bucket seats and a well-organized dashboard. The advanced tachometer, power steering, and top-notch suspension provide impressive control.

Legacy and Influence

Champion of Championships

The legacy of the Celica GT4 is intrinsically tied to its motorsport successes, particularly in the brutal terrains of the World Rally Championships. Despite being denied its position due to controversies, the Celica GT4 ST205 remains an exceptional testament to Toyota’s rally heritage.

The Influence on Future Generations

The Celica GT4 ST205 brilliantly manifests Toyota’s commitment to high-performance, rally-grade automobiles. Later models, including the All Trac, have undoubtedly been influenced by the Celica GT4’s design and engineering marvels.


The Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 is a landmark in the automotive industry, embodying the vision, perseverance, and engineering prowess of Toyota. Undoubtedly, this car left an indelible mark on automobile history and continues to inspire fans and racing enthusiasts around the world.

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