I chose to be carefree…

I was always a little bit intrigued about how we are always so concerned about how other people might see us, what they think about us, how we look in their eyes...and so on. You know the deal, you've thought about it too. All of it is a bit annoying to me, I must confess,... Continue Reading →

A Week In Transylvania

We set off on the road through the mountains of Romania. I was kind of longing for my dearest country, to walk its paths up there and feel their energy and vibrations, after some years abroad. You know what they say, there is no place like home. We made the first stop in Brasov, on... Continue Reading →

Road trip to Key West

I was with Mona,my friend on our second floor terrace in Miami. It was during dusk, the most beautiful hour of the day; the sun was slowly descending towards the city line. The weekend was slowly approaching us, and I was like, why not, let's just do a little crazy thing, let’s go to Key... Continue Reading →

Sol de Cuba.

Sancti Spiritus, the pool in the mountains. No, there was no church, but the view was divine. From the morning we set out to go to the waterfall in the mountains; I was still in Trinidad, as I had told you in the previous post. The sunshine of Cuba was so beneficial, its light was... Continue Reading →

Havana, Mi Amor

I want to tell you that everything I've heard about Cuba was true. The story landscapes, the buildings from the time when Fidel was smoking his cigars in the sumptuous, elegant rooms, with the historical, grand, original look, the joy of people to live, to breathe, despite all of the problems, the small and twisted... Continue Reading →

His touch was light, fine, delicate. It had a slightly scary appearance, it put a little fear in your bones, but then, contrary to all expectations, it was of a special kind. In my eyes at least. I could play with it and love it until I would get tired. He had a static, fixed,... Continue Reading →

You don’t know how to start?

I think it is such a common feature of the human being. It is difficult for us to start, we move slowly until we find what really pleases us or until we find our "calling". But is there really that thing called "purpose of life"? It is not easy to find what you really enjoy... Continue Reading →

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